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Anita Rahmati CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP


Anita started as a dog walker/boarder in 2018 and was inspired to learn more about the training and behaviour aspects of working with dogs. She started a year long internship at one of Toronto’s leading dog training companies and progressed to becoming a full time trainer in 2021. During her time at When Hounds Fly she taught various group classes and helped many dog parents with challenging behavioural issues through their private lesson services. She is now excited to transfer her dog training experience towards dog daycares and  breaking the stereotypes that dog daycares are main causes of behavioural problems in dogs. She is passionate about creating a safe and nurturing environment that any dog parent or dog trainer would not hesitate sending their dogs too. She is also a certified therapy dog evaluator for One Health Partners and supports their Paws to Care program. Anita shares her life with her shy but spunky 5 year old cockapoo named "Lady" who inspired her to immerse her life into the world of dog behaviour.


Diana Hsu KPA-CTP, FDM


Diana has been in the dog care industry since 2007, starting as a dog walker/boarder, and then opening Pack of Paws Liberty Village in 2011. In the last decade she has continued to educate herself on industry best practices and strive to keep a positive environment for dogs to have a safe and structured place to socialize with other dogs. She currently divides her time overseeing two dog daycares, helping dog parents solve behavioural challenges and teaching advanced group obedience classes. She shares her life with Dagmar, a three-year old German Shorthaired Pointer, and enjoys training and trialing him in many dog sports such as obedience, rally-o, scentwork, barn hunt, and hunt tests. 

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